Our program's faculty voluntarily associate themselves with Statistics and Analytics (STAN) to better coordinate research and educational efforts at the university. The STAN faculty are graduate faculty in the Graduate School and have home appointments in their respective departments.  We currently have about 50 faculty from 19 departments in 5 campus colleges.

Faculty with graduate faculty status with The Graduate School are invited to join the STAN faculty. New faculty members can be nominated as STAN faculty upon their request if they (1) agree to academically support STAN graduate students in their role as a research professor, (2) support STAN graduate students as a member of advisory or research committees, and (3) agree to actively participate in normal academic responsibilities associated with the management of the STAN degree program at the University of Arkansas. Initial and ongoing STAN faculty membership is subject to the approval of the STAN Steering Committee.

STAN Faculty

Steering Committee

Name Department Email Position
Mark Arnold MASC arnold@uark.edu Director
Paul Cronan ISYS pcronan@walton.uark.edu Business Analytics
Michael Douglas BIOL med1@uark.edu BioAnalytics
David Douglas ISYS douglas@uark.edu ex officio
Andy Mauromoustakos AGSL amauro@uark.edu ex officio
Giovanni Petris MASC gpetris@uark.edu Statistics
Ed Pohl INEG epohl@uark.edu Operations Analytics
Geoboo Song PLSC gbsong@uark.edu Quantitative Social Science
Ronna Turner ESRM rcturner@uark.edu Educational Statistics and Psychometrics
Xintao Wu CSCE xintaowu@uark.edu Computational Analytics

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Name Department Email
John Aloysius LSCM aloysius@uark.edu  
Mark Arnold MASC arnold@uark.edu  
Gordon Beavers CSCE gordonb@uark.edu  
Ana Bridges PSYC abridges@uark.edu  
Richard Cassady INEG cassady@uark.edu  
Avishek Chakraborty MASC ac032@uark.edu  
Justin Chimka INEG jchimka@uark.edu  
Jack Cothren GEOS jcothren@cast.uark.edu  
Matt Covington GEOS mcoving@uark.edu  
Paul Cronan ISYS pcronan@walton.uark.edu  
Fred Davis ISYS fddavis@uark.edu  
Cary Deck ECON cdeck@uark.edu  
Michael Douglas BIOL med1@uark.edu  
David Douglas ISYS douglas@uark.edu  
Marlis Douglas BIOL mrd1@uark.edu  
Song Feng GEOS songfeng@uark.edu  
Gary Ferrier ECON gferrier@uark.edu  
Kevin Fitzpatrick SOCI kfitzpa@uark.edu  
Jone Gaber PLSC jgaber@uark.edu  
Arya Gaduh ECON gaduh@uark.edu  
Michael Gashler CSCE mgashler@uark.edu  
Susan Gauch CSCE sgauch@uark.edu  
Ed Gbur AGSL egbur@uark.edu  
Jingping Gu ECON jgu@uark.edu  
Li Hao ECON lhao@uark.edu  
Casey Harris SOCI caseyh@uark.edu  
Doug Hearth FINN dhearth@uark.edu  
Jon Johnson MGMT jonjohn@uark.edu  
Bill Levine PSYC whlevine@uark.edu  
Christopher Liner GEOS liner@uark.edu  
Wen-juo Lo ESRM wlo@uark.edu  
Xiao Ma ISYS xiaoma@uark.edu  
Andy Mauromoustakos AGSL amauro@uark.edu  
Joshua Mitchell PLSC jlm038@uark.edu  
Jeff Mullins ISYS jkmulli@uark.edu  
Kusum Naithani BIOL kusum@uark.edu  
Greg Parnell INEG gparnell@uark.edu   
Giovanni Petris MASC gpetris@uark.edu  
Lisa Pierce MKTT lp007@uark.edu  
Ed Pohl INEG epohl@uark.edu  
Jeff Pummill HPCC jpummil@uark.edu  
Chase Rainwater INEG cer@uark.edu  
Manuel Rossetti INEG rossetti@uark.edu  
Rajiv Sabherwal ISYS rsabherw@uark.edu  
Geoboo Song PLSC gbsong@uark.edu  
Julie Stenken CHEM jstenken@uark.edu  
Tracy Sykes ISYS tsykes@uark.edu  
Ling Ting UITS ting@uark.edu  
Ronna Turner ESRM rcturner@uark.edu  
Viswanath Venkatesh ISYS vvenkat@uark.edu  
Pawel Wolinski HPCC pwolinsk@uark.edu  
Xintao Wu CSCE xintaowu@uark.edu  
Song Yang SOCI yangwang@uark.edu  
Shengfan Zhang INEG shengfan@uark.edu  
Qinyang Zhang MASC qz008@uark.edu